Produce for 2020

  • caribourusset

    Caribou Russet Potato- Organic

    The very best baking potato! Developed by the University of Maine, Caribou Russet is a mid-season potato with real flavor and good keeping ability. Medium yields of good-looking, oval russeted tubers love cold climates (New England and northern-tier states on the Canadian border). Great for mashing and has a beautiful fry color. 

  • Yokon Gem Potato

    Yukon Gem Potatoes - Organic

    An improvement to Yukon Gold? Very possible. Round oblong tubers have bright gold skin with pink eyes and appealing yellow flesh with a medium to low moisture content. If you are a fan of Yukon Gold, you are going to be head-over-heels about Yukon Gem!


    Adirondack Blue - Organic

    Adirondack Blue is a true blue variety, featuring blue skin and flesh, with a slight hint of purple.  The tubers are medium to large, oval, and slightly flattened in shape, with deliciously firm, moist flesh.  It's great for roasting, mashing, baking, and making salads and soups.  Plus, its color holds up well, even when cooked, and does not turn grey.   It has good tuber set, on large spreading plants, adorned by cute, pure white flowers.This blue spud is packed with anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that can lower risks of heart and neurological diseases

  • Island Sunshine Potatoes

    Island Sunshine Potatoes-Organic

    Bred and selected by the Loo Brothers of Prince Edward Island . A rare variety which can be difficult to find. We couldn't resist selecting this one.  A mixture of round to oval spuds with a light yellow skin and dark yellow flesh. Stores great all winter. Taste is amazing boiled, baked or any way you like it.

  • Dark Red Norland – organic

    Dark Red Norland - Organic

    Selected for richer red skin color. Round to oblong tubers have white flesh, store well, and are excellent for roasting and boiling. For the best potato salad in the world . Round to oblong tubers have white flesh,  and are excellent for roasting and boiling.

  • French Fingerling

    French Fingerling - Organic

    aid to have arrived in this country during the 1800's in a horse's feedbag; this fingerling is gourmet quality with satin red skin. On the inside, you'll find a yellow flesh with an interior ring of red, when cut across. Produces good quality, medium-sized tubers which are a great addition to any plate.Though plumper than most, this potato (also known as "Nosebag") is still considered a fingerling. Radiant rose-red skin and deep yellow flesh with an occasional red ring make this potato stand out. Creamy, smooth texture with exceptional flavor lends itself well to salad with thinly-sliced red onions and chunks of crisp cucumbers.

  • Negovia carrot

    Carrot Negovia - Organic

    Smooth, cylindrical roots with impressive flavor and stronger tops than Yaya, plus great storage qualities! Excellent uniformity makes this a good variety for bunching ,compares well to Bolero with similar sweetness and great crunch

  • Yaya carrot

    Carrot Yaya - Organic

    Perfect for salads, snacking or cooking, this Nantes-type carrot is a star in the garden! Very sweet and packed with flavor, it produces 7- to 9-in. long roots in a brilliant, deep orange color. Yaya holds very well in the ground making it an excellent fall garden variety

  • Scarlet Nantes carrot

    Carrot Scarlet-Nantes- Organic

    Also known as Early Coreless, this variety stores well and adapts well to different conditions. Its cylindrical roots are 7" long with blunt tips, and its fine-grained, bright red-orange flesh is nearly coreless, offering great flavor that’s sweet and crisp. Good when used as baby carrots, and excellent for freezing and juicing. Dating to the 1850s, the variety was developed in France by the seed company Vilmorin-Andrieux.

  • Carrot Interceptor

    Carrot Interceptor Organic

    Exceptionally sweet from the day you pick, to the day you eat after storing